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Huntington's Disease Advocacy Center - HDAC Article: - My First Christmas in Heaven
HDAC Article: - My First Christmas in Heaven
My First Christmas in Heaven
-- Julie Sando Teuber     print-friendly ]

I wrote something on Christmas of 2000 after a relative passed away.  It kind of dawned on me as I was missing her that she was having her first REAL CHRISTMAS in heaven.  I wrote this as I imagined how it might be.  So many of our loved ones have passed on from HD, my mom and too many others.  There are a lot who have passed on recently and I wondered if this might be a comfort in some way.

-- Julie Sando Teuber

It’s my first Christmas in Heaven and I could not ask for more

For I am seeing with my own eyes that which I have only read about before

Other loved ones that have gone before; I have waited so long to see

Were all gathered round, waiting there for me

The reunion so blessed, filled with joy and sweet release

Compared none at all, to when I met the Prince of Peace

Oh I knew that it was my Jesus, as we stood there face to face

Tears of joy began to fall, as He wrapped me in His loving embrace

Falling down I could not help but worship, at my Saviors nail scarred feet

As he gently spoke my name, I knew my journey was complete

There is no more sickness, no sorrow and no pain

Just the sweet choirs of angels and saints lifting up His Holy name

There is Abraham and Joseph; there is Lazarus, Mary and Paul

Along with friends and family who have gone before us, in answer to His call

I really wish I could tell you, though words could never say

What awaits those who love Him when He gathers them some day

So I will wait for you in Heaven, though for a time we are apart

For the love we have between us, remains deep within my heart.

It is my first Christmas in Heaven. Can you hear the angels sing?

I am bowing down before Him for He is my everything.

- published -1-2--2008